July 22, 2021




Devotional Thought – Coming to Jesus


“Throwing his cloak aside, he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus.” Mark 10:50


Several years ago, my sister and mom were reminiscing about events in my sister’s life while she was growing up.  My sister shared an experience that had made a deep impression on her (long before I was born).  She remembered a time when the family lived in Oklahoma and were stranded in their car during a terrible storm. They had sighted a tornado but had not reached home before the storm hit with full force. Thunder roared above the torrential downpour of rain as jagged streaks of lightning rent the sky and trees swayed from the tornadic-force winds. The car died in the middle of a flooded culvert.


“I remember Daddy putting his head down on the steering wheel and praying for our safety. Very soon, he turned the key, the car started, and we drove home. I thought my dad had a pipeline straight to God.” 


The fact is, he did have a pipeline to God.  All believers in Jesus Christ do. The blind man Bartimeus expressed his faith in Jesus’ ability to meet his deepest need. He called out to Jesus (v. 48), answered Jesus’ call (v.50), and received Jesus’ help (v.52). So can we, my friends.


Thank you, Lord, for listening to me and for meeting my deepest needs. 


Movie Matinee Today – 1:00pm


The Lion King (2019 Live Action) – Free with popcorn and bottled water

The Lion King follows Simba, a young lion, who must embrace his role as the rightful king of his native land following the murder of his father, Mufasa, at the hands of his uncle, Scar

While this is not a “Christian” movie, there are biblical themes that can be drawn out of this presentation.  Come and see if you can find some.

Church Conference is Next Week – Packets Available Sunday

Our next Church Conference will be on Wednesday, July 28 at 4:00pm.  This will be an important meeting to review the last six months of our ministry, our financial reports, and several recommendations various committees will be presenting for discussion and vote.

At this time, there are four recommendations which will be presented:  


  • Recommendation from the Deacons on the Deacon Nomination Process.

  • Recommendation from the Church Council on a New Church Schedule for the Fall.

  • Recommendation from the Building and Grounds Committee concerning a New Church Sign.

  • Recommendations from the Nominating Committee.


The Church Conference Packets will be available for you to pick up this Sunday, July 25 after the Worship Service giving you the opportunity to review prior to the Wednesday, July 28 Conference at 4:00pm.  


We do need to address these recommendations, so a quorum is important.  Please take the time to come and be involved and engaged in the Lord’s work. 


Life Line Screening Coming in August

Life Line Screening will be coming here, to FCBSCW, on Thursday, August 5.  Life Line Screening goes beyond regular checkups to look inside your arteries for signs of plaque build-up, potentially identifying problems early.  All five screenings are available for $139.00.  Flyers are available in the church foyers with additional information on types of screenings and ways to register.


Life Line has done an excellent job in other churches I have pastored…including catching life-threatening issues that had not been detected before.  I encourage you to register with Life Line.


COVID Vaccines for the Homebound Information


Another piece of information that may be helpful to some.  For those who are homebound and need arranged transportation, Maricopa County will do in-home COVID vaccines (Johnson & Johnson).  They can call 602-506-6767, option "0" and ask for Erica.  She is a very kind woman who will direct them through the process.  

Love in Action through “Just One Thing” 

With inflation rising it is more difficult for people to make ends meet.  St. Mary’s Food Bank helps so many in our area and around the state.  Do all you can to help this amazing ministry.  This month for Just 1 Thing, please bring any of the following: DRIED PEAS, BEANS & PASTA.   

Lord’s Supper Observance on Sunday, August 1

Our congregation will be observing the Lord’s Supper on Sunday morning, August 1 at the 10:30am worship service.  Be praying for God to speak to you boldly in preparation for the Lord’s Table.

Prayer Chain Information 


Ginny Denton is our Prayer Chain Coordinator.  She sends out all our Prayer Requests.  If you have a prayer request you’d like sent, please e-mail prayerchain@fbcscw.org or gdenton@cox.net.  You can also call Ginny at (623) 584-6007 or call the office at (623) 584-5738.  If you would like to join the E-mail Prayer Chain, just let Ginny know as well.


Have a Blessed Weekend.


Pastor Kirby