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September 11, 2020



We Will Never Forget, We Will Stand Vigil in Prayer

It is in prayer that we have the greatest power and if we listen to God the greatest wisdom and insight as well. The Psalmist said, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God” Psalm 20:7.  

Prayer is heightened and power increased when we join with other believers praying for His will to be accomplished.  This is especially true in praying for God’s divine intervention in our nation. 


Today is September 11 and we all well remember the horrific events of this day in 2001.  Today, Arizona Southern Baptists, and many others around the country, are praying for America.  In addition, Dr. Johnson, our Executive Director, requested the following for today:

“We will follow the plan we have used during this Year of Prayer. We will pray for pastors, people, providence, and the perishing. We want to lift-up churches, schools, educators, students, public officials, and leaders. And we will ask for God to providentially bring about a cure for the virus, unity, spiritual awakening, and greater gospel witness. What better thing could we do than cry out to God for these concerns during these days?

Would you take on the challenge of praying for these requests today?

Sunday - What Will It Be Like?

When we gather back together this Sunday for in-person worship services, at 9:00am and 11:00am, what will it be like?  What will it be like to see people we haven’t seen, or spent much time, with in the last six months in person?

Some say it will be like riding a bicycle.  Even though you haven’t been on one in years, it will come back to you.  It may be awkward at first, but soon you will be zooming along like you did years ago. My wife says it might be like going from riding a bicycle with training wheels and moving to just two wheels.  It will be awkward and challenging.  

Why? Well, we will be sanitizing our hands, keeping six feet apart, no hugs, no handshakes, and we will be wearing masks.  We will be in two services to accommodate the social distancing. There will be some miscues along the way, but soon we will be riding with excitement and joy. You will be feeling extremely comfortable.  You will hear familiar voices, you will see joy and excitement in the eyes, and you will hear familiar music that brings peace and joy to your hearts.  You will hear the message of God’s word in person with many of your friends and church family.  

This time will be therapeutic to our souls. It is then that we will realize it is going to be okay.  In many ways, it will be like we picked up right where we left off.  

We know there will be some of our congregation who will be unable to be here in person because of health issues, underlying medical conditions, feeling uncomfortable in crowds at this time, or they are still up north.

There are some drawbacks to not being here in person.  Yet, as you watch the service on our website, you will experience much the same as those present in the worship center.  We are the body of Christ scattered, but One in Spirit.  We are the church who worships “in spirit and truth”. So, let’s prepare ourselves to spiritually meet God each Sunday, and prepare to live for Him each and every day.


What Will It Be Like – The Video

Some have asked what will it be like when we enter the building and where will we go to keep the social distancing?  We have prepared a 3-minute video, taking you step by step from the parking lot to the foyers and into the worship center.  Just click on the following link or right click and when the window opens click on “Open Video.” Let me be your guide, enjoy the video and popcorn if you feel the urge. 


What Will the Worship Experience Be Like?

We will not provide bulletins at this point in our worship services, but if you would like to know the worship service order please click on the attachment at the end of this e-mail.  Our worship will be a time of celebration and victory giving all the glory to Almighty God.


Keeping Safe Between Services

We will have a team of volunteers sanitizing the worship center between services and we are so appreciative of their servant heart.  For those who are sick, who are uncomfortable or immunosuppressed, we ask that you join us for Worship on our website (www.fbcscw.org), and together as the family of faith we will be unified and One as the body of Christ.  


In this series, we will walk with the Psalmist through the challenges that he faced, look at the causes, and where he looked for help in those most difficult times.  We will then take truth that the Psalmist has written and apply it to the challenges each of us face as we strive to live this life in obedience to Almighty God.  

Please ask for God’s insight and wisdom in these special times as we immerse ourselves in the Psalms.  Ask God to prepare you for this journey.  Ask God to show you individuals you could invite to come in-person, or viewing on our website (www.fbcscw.org), to learn and apply these eternal truths for their lives.


MISSION:DIGNITY – Assisting Retired Ministers and Spouses

Each year we take a special offering for Mission:Dignity. This offering goes to the Guidestone Financial Services Mission:Dignity Department.  This is one of our Southern Baptist Agencies and this department assists our retired ministers and spouses in their greatest time of need.

After decades of faithful ministry in small churches, retired SBC pastors, workers and their widows living on low incomes rely on Mission:Dignity for monthly grant assistance to pay for food, utilities, medicine, and other

necessities. And the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic makes this assistance more critical than ever before.

Join us as we take this special offering during the month of September. 100% of your gifts will go to God’s faithful servants who now find themselves in financial need.  You can give through e-giving, on your offering envelopes or just drop off your gift.  If you have questions, please contact the church office.

Have a Blessed and productive week for God’s Kingdom.


Pastor Kirby

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