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Sunday Bible Study

9:00 a.m. - Bible Study Classes

One of the most effective ways to link our lives with God and others is to grow in our understanding of our relationship with God. Through an organized Bible study program, we can advance on such a journey. At FBCSCW, you will find a Bible study that will provide the challenge you need to grow. All of the classes are taught by well trained, highly educated, concerned students of the Bible.

A variety of topics and study materials is offered to meet the individual needs of our church family. It is our prayer that you will experience an excitement as you learn more about the awesomeness of God.


Co-Teachers – Dr. Glenn Saul and Dr. Scott Williamson

The focus of the Explorers class is to encourage individuals to grow in understanding of God’s word.  The class follows a seminar approach for Bible Study.  Occasionally the class will deal with contemporary issues facing the church.  Study material is from the Bible. Dr. Glenn Saul and Dr. Scott Williamson are the teachers of this class.

Dr. Glenn Saul is a retired Senior Pastor of FBC SCW.  He was Professor Emeritus at Wayland Baptist University and was a professor at Gateway Baptist Seminary for 12 years.  He received a B.A. from Wayland Baptist University, a B.D. from Golden Gate Baptist Seminary and a Ph.D. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is married to Rosemary Saul; he has three children and 5 grandchildren. He and Rosemary have been members of FBCSCW since 2006.

Dr. Scott Williamson is a graduate of Golden Gate Seminary and has served churches as pastor for 45 years is California, Alaska, and Arizona. He served as trustee for California Baptist University for 15 years and served the California Southern Baptist Convention staff for four years as director of the Leadership Development Division. He enjoys retirement by making sawdust in his garage.

The class meets in Room 112.


Teacher – Tom Northrop

This class was created for those who are still in the work force or recently retired. Since its expansion it is now a multi-age class with the focus of encouraging one another spiritually and emotionally. The Bible study material is from the Explore the Bible series.

Tom was born into a non-Christian family and became a Christian at age 14 through the ministry of Colesville Baptist Church in Silver Spring, MD. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1976 with a degree in math and was a computer programmer for many years. He retired in 2019 after many years in the construction industry. He substitute taught in CA public schools, and taught young adult Sunday School at First Southern Baptist Church in Visalia, CA. His desire to teach stems from his passion to understand God's word as thoroughly as he can and to equip people to ascertain sound doctrine. Ultimately, he believes that it is the Holy Spirit who enables him to accomplish this.

This class meets in Room 104.


new members and attendees.jpg
Teacher - Rev. David Jakes

The focus of the JOY class is on living a Spirit-filled life as dictated by the scriptures.  The members of this class are singles and couples. Study material is from Bible Studies for Life series.

Rev. Jakes is the former Executive Pastor of First Baptist, Sun City West, having been  ordained in 1998 to the gospel ministry.  He has been an interim pastor three times in Arizona and has been President and CEO of Arizona Baptist Children’s Services and Arizona Baptist Retirement Centers (Now LifeStream Complete Living).

The class meets in Room 111.


ambassadors class.jpg
Teacher - Bill Swinney

The focus of the Ambassadors class is to assist members in studying the Bible a book at a time, in order to find out what it meant to those who first received it, and what application it has today. Study material is from Lifeway’s Explore the Bible Series and supplemental materials.

Bill Swinney, a former band director and principal in the Texas school system, is the teacher of this class, and also is a deacon and member of the choir. Bill has served as minister of music and as a deacon for several churches in Texas, in addition to teaching Bible study classes. He and his wife, Caroll, have a son and daughter.  They have been members of First Baptist Church, SCW since 2001.

The class meets in Room 108.

Bible Seekers

Teacher – Wi Northrop

The focus of the Bible Seekers class is designed to encourage growth in Christian faith, discipleship, and knowledge of the Bible. Study material is from Lifeway’s Explore the Bible Series.

Wi was born into a Baptist family and was a pastor's kid. She accepted Jesus as her personal Savior at age 11.  After high school, she attended seminary at Bangkok Bible College in Thailand and served as a Sunday School teacher for children in the morning and youth in the afternoon at Bethel Baptist Church in Bangkok. She came to America after her junior year. She taught Youth Sunday School and was a Youth Director for 18 years at the Lahu First Baptist Church in California. She and her husband, Tom, moved to Colorado where she taught second-grade Sunday School for 15 years at the First Baptist Church in Ft. Collins.  They now live in Sun City Festival and are teaching Bible Study in their home on Thursday night. God has blessed her with a passion for teaching and studying His word.

The class meets in Room 105.

Abundant Life

MARTI, Dr. Bob & BARBARA.jpg
Teacher - Dr. Bob Marti

The Abundant Life class is designed to assist participants in further understanding what it means to be a Christian and help them explore their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The teacher of this class is Dr. Bob Marti who has pastored churches for over 50 years. He attended Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth and received his doctorate from Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City.  Bob and his wife, Barbara, have five children, fourteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

The class meets in Room 113.

New Member/Attendee Discovery Class

This class is offered to all new members of First Baptist Church, Sun City West. and meets periodically for six weekly sessions. Topics to be covered include an overview of Baptist doctrines and beliefs, as well as the organizational structure and ministries of the national Southern Baptist Convention and the Arizona Mission Network of Southern Baptists.  The organizational structure within our own church is also reviewed, and opportunities to become involved in service and ministry are presented.

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