Owen Harris


Owen graduated fro, Santa Ana (CA) high school in 1951, attended Bible Institute of Los Angeles until he was drafted into the Korean conflict in April 1953. He was hired by the Navy at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard in 1957  and trained as a computer programmer in 1958. In 1959, he moved to China Lake (CA) where he was the systems programmer for the Navy's large scale main frame computers (IBM and UNIVAC). In 1983, the pastor of the Lutheran Church asked Own if he would be their organist which he did until he retired in 1988.

Owen first visited First Baptist Church on the 3rd Sunday of February 2013, where he met Paul Barnes, the minister of music. After the service they talked about the organ which was not used in the service. That evening, he went in after the service and opened up the organ to play a simple hymn tune, and Paul asked him to start playing as the interim organist. Later that year, the staff organist stepped down as her hands were not healing from an accident. Owen was asked to be the staff organist at that time.

Owen's hobbies include wood working and computer programming, and he has restored a few old Volkswagens for friends who sons needed a first car.